Tips & Tricks

How to open a hank of monofilament without all that tangling

Monofilament for longline comes in hanks (or skeins) and not in spools. When monofilament is spooled, it will “spiral” when taken out of the spool. So we have to open the hank without the mess of making a birds nest. This goes for hanks of mono for snoods, and ready longlines with swivels.


Commercial fishermen use mostly 130cm length (Hake, Sea bass, Trout, Halibut, Dolphin fish, Croaker, Pollock, Mackerel, Conger) such species is found in the mid-water or 5-10 meter over the sea bed. 130cm is achieved by cutting the whole hank over once. 65cm is used for bottom fish such as Cod, Snapper, Grouper, and Breams. 65cm is achieved when cutting the hank twice. Any other desired lengths for fishes such as large pelagic fishes (normally 8-12 meter length) or custom lengths, the hank have to be opened and each snood measured. Two F-Clamps are mounted on a table with for example 1 meter between, and the mono is taken out of the hank and turned around. When finished, cutting once will give a snood of 2 meter.

Opening a hank of longline

The hank of longline will most likely end up in a basket (how to make a longline basket) with the snoods knotted to the swivel and the hook fastened on the rim of the basket. open hank

The best way to open a hank of monofilament is to use a normal chair with backrest.

  1. Cut off the threads around the hank while the hank is laying on a table.
  2. Find the start of the line.
  3. With both hands, place the hank over the backrest
  4. Start taking out the line, avoiding any loops to get over the top.
If the end of the line are pulled out, free it and tie it to a leg of the chair.