The French system Japalangre uses rotating baskets with space for 55, 65, 83 and 95 hooks. The hooks are not inside the basket but hanging outside and are baited there. When the line come up, it goes back into the basket and the hooks in its slots, ready for baiting and setting. The fishermen saves a lot of time in this process. A 10 meter boat can operate up to 2,000 hooks on a fishing day. We have the accessories, such as setter, hauler and the fishing gear that can be shipped with the baskets.

  • long-line-with-pearls

    Long Lines With Pearls

    We manufacture custom made lines to your specifications. Now, we introduce lines with pearls for better rotation. The pearls are rubbery and can stand both hammer and hauler test. The swivels are in stainless steel.


    • 500 meter long
    • 250 swivels 4/0
    • 2 meter distance between swivels
    • Super strong and soft brilliant monofilament

    Price: € 95

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  • PalangrePerles

    Snoods With Mustad 533D

    Monofilament and hook with 1 meter in length, with or without security snap for hook-up through the eye of the swivel. Packs of 100 units

    Sea Bass: Hook 4/0 with 0.70mm snood €22
    Sea Bass: Hook 4/0 with 0.70mm and snap €44
    Sea Bream: Hook 2/0 with 0.60mm snood €22
    Sea Bream: Hook 2/0 with 0.60mm and snap €39

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    Purchases over € 400 get free delivery by UPS in the EU

  • longline

    Long line for Conger and Cod

    This line has a diameter of 3 mm and is made of nylon / PP, braided, 200 meter (600 ft.) long with 70 swivels 4/0. The distance between the swivels are 3 meters (9 ft)

    View Deal  Price: € 47 (38 sterling)

    The weight is 1,4 kg, and with 5 lines (1000 meter) the transport cost to you is € 40

  • lures

    Snoods for professionals

    The snood is to be used for lines 3 to 5 mm. It consists of a snap 80mm, 70cm snood of braided polyester 1.5mmm, and a straight hook for cod and haddock. The snap and hook is in stainless steel.

    Each rigged snood cost € 1,20

    (1-2 kg fish size)
    and € 1,30 (fish size 2-5kg)

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    We can deliver the snoods with larger hooks in regular tinned carbon steel for fish 5-10 kg and 10-40 kg at € 1,30 each mounted snood.

    Postage not included, dependent on amount.

  • longline


    This is all you need to catch the trophy - € 99.-

    500 meter line that you can anchor up or tow after your boat while fishing for something else. The kit consists of five elements that make a complete swordfish / tuna line with 50 meter between the hooks:

    1. Mainline in braided polyester 3.5mm in 500 meter in length
    2. 10 leaders of 10 meter, with tuna hook 3.8” – Squid lure 21cm and clips 100mm
    3. 10 chemical lights to activate and clip on to the leader above the hook
    4. 3 Snap-on floats 10” to attach to the line, each 100 – 150 meter
    5. Buoy A2 with 35kg buoyancy to be at the end of the line

    Shipping weight: 10kg. The floats are shipped non-inflated. You can attach more lines and leaders. The price is € 99 plus postage. If you buy 3 or more kits, the postage is free.